Fitness and Nutrition Entry Level Certification Course

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Welcome to the exciting world of fitness and nutrition! In this study unit, you’ll learn the importance of being fit and feeling good, of taking charge of your own health and lifestyle, and of keeping up with trends in the health industry regarding fitness and health. You’ll also receive an overview of how fitness affects you and instructions on how to begin your own fitness program. You’ll learn about managing all phases of your wellness—fitness, diet, and stress—and of the physical and psychological benefits of managing your health. You’ll discover how to establish goals, both as a leader and student of fitness. Because fitness and nutrition is a growing career area, you’ll also explore the necessary qualifications to become a leader in this developing and expanding field.

Upon successful completion of this study unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List what measures you need to take charge of your health and lifestyle
  • Explain how to assess your present lifestyle and its effects on your well-being
  • Discuss how fitness affects you
  • Explain the importance of a weight maintenance program
  • List the physical and psychological benefits of managing your health
  • Discuss what types of opportunities exist for fitness leaders
  • List the five major goals of any well-constructed fitness program
  • Explain the personal qualities it takes to become a fitness leader

By the end of this study unit, you’ll be on your way to exploring the world of fitness and nutrition. Let’s get started.

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